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In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive commercial environment, businesses that manufacture items for various industries or purchase and re-sell goods on an agency or distributorship basis often face significant cost and efficiency challenges in the back-end component of their business, especially in the areas of warehousing and overall SCM.

Supply Chain Consultants

Third party logistics (3PL) operations that receive, store, and distribute items on behalf of client companies usually face many of the same challenges.

Rising labor costs, increased complexity, and ever-mounting pressure from client companies and end users to deliver faster and more accurately mean that improved performance and process efficiency are a must for any warehousing/supply chain operation that wants to stay competitive going forward.

Often the responsibility for implementing warehouse and supply chain improvement projects is simply added to the workload of existing employees. In most cases, these personnel members lack the time and specific expertise, experience, and training to comprehensively study and assess the current situation, and then design and implement the required process improvements, purchasing, and deployment of more efficient equipment, technology, etc.

At Waller and Associates, LLC, our supply chain consultants provide a variety of services to businesses of various sizes and types in diverse sectors, including:

  • Medical & Dental Supplies
  • Industrial Supplies
  • eCommerce / Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Grocery, Food & Beverage
  • Chemical & Industrial Products
  • Building Materials
  • Other Commercial
  • Third Party Logistics

All supply chain consulting projects are handled by senior members of staff, who have an average of at least 25 years of experience in the warehousing and supply chain environment. Our supply chain consultants have the passion, skill, knowledge, expertise, experience, and training to revolutionize your warehouse and supply chain facilities, making them faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Call us now to find out more about our supply chain consultants and how we can help your business.

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