From your very first call, you’ll notice something different about Waller & Associates   -   Our level of service

Our Mission

Waller & Associates was founded in 2009 by Jeff Waller with the mission of helping clients identify opportunities to improve their distribution processes and facilitate the changes required to gain those improvements.

The simple fact is, we love what we do. We love solving problems and serving our clients. And that means a level of engagement that’s rare in our business. Our day-to-day watchwords are responsiveness and accountability, but our long-term goal is something more: to become a trusted supply chain partner that supports the evolution of your business and offers innovations that drive your success.

Our team delivers real world solutions and knowledge gained from many years of hands-on operations experience working with today’s innovators in supply chain management. We bring the right people, armed with insights in business logistics, to improve distribution effectiveness.

Our firm delivers services that:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

  • Improve operational performance

  • Increase distribution efficiency

  • Increase profitability

Our Management Team