Distribution Center Design

Do you need assistance with a new Warehouse Design or a retrofit of an existing Distribution Center?

Our team has the engineering and distribution operations experience you need.

Warehouse Design / Distribution Center Design of new and existing facilities

Would you choose a consultant that isn’t an expert at warehouse design? Of course not. After all, your operational success and productivity tie directly to the layout of your distribution center. Having your warehouse designed by experienced operators working side-by-side with engineers is how Waller & Associates ensures the optimal footprint to maximize productivity. Our experienced consultants and industrial engineers combine practical experience with innovative material handling technologies to develop solutions for layout, process and staffing that you can trust. We validate our designs by using the latest simulation software to test automation and process options. Whether it’s a “green-field” situation or an existing warehouse operation, we can help you analyze your data, situation, and variables; leaving you with a feeling of confidence about your optimized distribution center design.

Warehouse Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and Automation Analysis

As an independent consultant that doesn’t sell material handling equipment it’s about the solution, not the equipment.

A large component of distribution center throughput capacity revolves around the strategy you employ in moving goods through your facility and on to your ultimate consumer. Warehouse design must maximize the efficiency of these strategies. They range from simplistic to complex. Which strategies to use depend on factors such as:

  • Commodity being shipped
  • Constraints of the facility
  • Available capital
  • Labor constraints
  • Client requirements

The possibilities seem endless so the question becomes:  “What strategy is right for your warehouse design?” Conveyor, sortation, AS/RS, pick modules, flow rack, pallet rack, or just simple floor layouts, the resources at Waller & Associates have worked with each of these and more in a variety of scenarios. It would be a privilege to see how our experience could be analogous to yours, and assist you with constructing a workable warehouse design custom tailored to you business.

Warehouse Project Management

The need has been identified. The ROI has been justified. The warehouse project has been approved. Who’s going to manage it? Organizations of all sizes struggle with professional program and project management. Most businesses simply add the project management duties to a current employee’s workload. Most of the time these individuals already have full-time responsibilities in their current role and typically posses little or no formal training in program or project management. Waller & Associates has Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) adept at developing and implementing large-scale distribution and logistics solutions by integrating IT and operational processes to achieve best-in-class results.