Logistics Network Design

Reduce cost and increase the efficiency of your Logistics Network.

Waller & Associates combines technology with a deep expertise in distribution and logistics to optimize your supply chain network.

Logistics Network Design using Advanced Optimization Software

Our Logistics Network Design services utilize state-of-the-art modeling software combined with our experienced consultants that can model the most complex global logistics networks. Once modeled, the data can be refreshed an ongoing basis to handle a multitude of scenarios as your business changes.

  • What is the optimum number and locations of distribution facilities?
  • What should be the role for each facility (regional, product specific, velocity based)?
  • How should the DC’s be operated; 3PL or Company?
  • Should the DC’s be leased or Company owned?
  • What are the current and projected costs of the network?
  • What is the projected size for all facilities in the proposed network?
  • What changes are required to efficiently handle the future mix of products based on assumed flow paths?
  • What are the service implications of the recommended solution?
Supply Chain Design