Government Supply Chain Consulting Services

Government Services

Today’s ever-changing requirements on sophisticated government services supply chain and logistic models create unique operational and design demands to allow organizations to remain continually competitive.   However, when you add the complexities of providing those services to governmental stakeholders, the solution can become even more challenging.  The absolute expectations of transparent, cost competitive, secure, accurate, and on-time services, every time, make innovation in the governmental supply chain models critical.  Waller & Associates, LLC works with many government services, whether they be defense contractors, DoD, or any other list of agencies, to identify their operational challenges and develop a “hybrid” supply chain solution for long-term, continuous improvements. 

The hybrid model blends these absolute governmental requirements with the best practices of the commercial supply chain world to offer the tools, solutions, and good business habits that make a supply chain best-in-class.  Waller & Associates, LLC has the experience and expertise to offer:

  • Network design and optimization and best practice assessments
  • Labor assessment and management for scaling the right number of qualified people for the current and future operation
  • Software assessment, design and RFQ implementation and program management
  • Inventory, equipment asset and flow slotting design and management
  • Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma program designs and training
  • Supply Chain Network modeling and design
  • Transportation support service assessments

We are a GSA registered U.S. Government contractor and work with several federal government entities and contractors.

Improving Productivity, Throughput and Safety through Improved Quality

With increased demand for labor and competitive labor markets, productivity and efficiency are the ultimate answers to face this ever-evolving challenge. With increased competition in markets and hubs like Memphis, Dallas, Columbus, and Atlanta, labor availability and cost are becoming extremely overwhelming, so companies are trying to rely less on labor and more on automation and innovation.   

To solve for this problem, our approach is improving processes through incremental type improvements that eliminates un-needed waste and improve performance in functions throughout government services. This is done by, and depending on the complexity of the project, a series of projects that ranges from simply “go do it” to Kaizen events to Lean Six Sigma black belt type of projects. Once these projects are completed and desired goals are attained, the step after that would be Sea Change Projects. Typically, these projects involve evaluating technologies and innovations to replace current processes with more automated ones.

At Waller and Associates, we help our clients attain this goal and solve this challenge by offering the following:

  • Modelling capacity and throughputs by function in the operation
  • Solving for and improving bottlenecks through line balancing techniques
  • Facilitating Kaizen Events on processes to help improve efficiencies and eliminate waste in processes
  • Provide ROIs and case studies for new technologies for certain applications
  • Improve overall quality by reducing over-processing and over-handling of the product throughput its life cycle
  • Designing labor standards for every function in the operation to manage performance and offer incentives for improved productivities, in other words, pay based on performance

Warehouse Design - Distribution Center Design