Distribution Center Assessment / Warehouse Assessment

Can your distribution center use a tune up? Our most popular service is the Distribution Center Assessment.

Distribution Center Assessment

How can my warehouse operations improve and be more productive? Efficient? Safe?

Our Distribution Center Assessment service will identify opportunities related to productivity, distribution center layout, processes, product slotting, inventory management, labor management and IT systems.




A senior level consultant with over 25 years of experience will lead our team to complete a detailed analysis of your operational processes including:

  • Current distribution center operational processes
  • Current distribution center efficiency and effectiveness
  • Current supply chain IT execution systems (WMS, LMS, TMS) assessment to support business requirements, growth and best practices
  • Current distribution center capacity and space utilization assessment
  • Current distribution center staffing assessment
  • Current distribution center operational processes will include:
    • Labor and workload planning
    • Inbound receipts scheduling
    • Receiving
    • Put-away
    • Storage and inventory control
    • Replenishment
    • Order processing
    • Order fulfillment methods (OFM’s)
    • Quality & Inspection
    • Shipping
  • Quality and process improvement programs (LEAN, Six Sigma)
  • Supply Chain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Assessment of the implementation of industry leading practices
  • Distribution center Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and automation assessment
  • Safety and OSHA compliance assessment




We will identify and highlight areas where warehouse operational processes may not be optimal, submit our findings for your review, and assist in the development and execution of an action plan that fits your organization.

  • Develop detailed Findings and Recommendations Report identifying:
    • Top process improvement opportunities and inefficiencies
    • Recommendations to improve top issues
    • Industry leading practices and benchmarking that address top issues
    • Supply chain IT execution systems gap assessment
  • Executive summary report containing a summary of top process improvement opportunities with recommendations and leading practices
  • High level project plan of the “Do Now”, Do Soon”, and “Do Long-term” recommendations

At the conclusion of the Warehouse Assessment project Waller & Associates will roll up our sleeves and assist you with turning the Findings and Recommendations into ROI.




Q: How long does the typical Distribution Center Assessment project take?

  • A: With most companies, a single-site warehouse assessment project will take 4-6 weeks.

Q: What is the typical level of improvement after the implementation of the Findings and Recommendations?

  • A: On average our clients see a 15-25% increase in throughput after the implementation of our recommendations.

Q: Who will be on my Waller & Associates Project Team?

  • A: The project team will consist of a Managing Director (avg. 25+ years experience), Senior Consultant (avg. 20+ years), Industrial Engineer (10+ years) and Data Analyst (3+years).

Q: Does Waller & Associates assist in the implementation of your recommendations?

  • A: Absolutely! Our goal is to assist you in the execution of our recommendations so that you achieve maximum ROI and efficiency gains from our services. We do not simply give you a list of recommendations and walk away. We roll up our sleeves and assist you with the implementation. We have senior distribution operations resources that are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) to develop formal project plans, guide/coordinate efforts and track performance.