Meet Jeff Waller, Our CEO and Founder

At Waller & Associates, LLC, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our CEO and founder, Jeff Waller. Jeff earned his MBA and BBA degrees from Texas A&M University-Commerce and spent the first 15 years of his career in operations running distribution centers. In 1999, he left the corporate world to develop, which was sold to Safeway two years later. Following this endeavor, Jeff started doing consulting work and moved into the technology sector with Manhattan and Voxware.

Jeff Waller, CEO & Founder, Waller & Associates, LLC

Later on, Jeff and two of his colleagues started Waller & Associates, LLC because of difficulties with a lagging job market in late 2008. Simply trying to pay their mortgages at that point, Jeff and his partners set out to use their knowledge and experience in the distribution, transportation, and logistics fields to help their clients avoid the mistakes they made early on in their careers.

Today, thanks to the efforts of Jeff and his partners, Waller & Associates, LLC is flourishing and has established new partnerships including Mantis, the leading supply chain software and solutions provider. In response to these new partnerships, Jeff remarked that this will allow us to help our clients from the go-live instead of turning over the implementation of services to another group.

Jeff maintains his excitement about Waller & Associates, LLC’s unique role in the supply chain consulting market and thoroughly enjoys helping clients take their operations to the next level. On a personal level, Jeff has been married to his wife, Cristi, for 29 years, and he enjoys brewing craft beers in his spare time.