Supply Chain Optimization – ASCM 2019

Join Jeff Waller, Waller & Associates’ President,  at the ASCM conference on September 16, 2019 at 12:30pm as joins GDIT’s Nisa Moore and Shaunna Rudolph in a Spotlight Session on Supply Chain Optimization.

This presentation is designed to give you and your company more insight on how to Optimize your existing distribution infrastructure to accommodate ever changing customer demand.

ASCM2019 - Waller& Assoc & General Dynamics IT Supply Chain Consulting 1200 x 375

The presentation includes:

Comparison of Government and Commercial Supply Chains

What Should We Optimize?

  • Optimize Your Suppliers
  • Optimize Your Inventory
  • Optimize Your Operational Processes
  • Optimize Your Systems
  • Optimize Your Labor

Please stick around for the Question & Answer session at the end!