Your Supply Chain May Have Pains You Don’t Even Know About

What are the key pain points affecting the logistics/supply chain management within your business?

When asked this question, many SCM managers will immediately mention factors like rising fuel costs; a shortage of manpower with the correct skills, experience, training, and mindset; outdated equipment that does not make use of the latest technology; constant pressure from customers who expect ever-shorter deliver lead times (partly caused by the increasing importance of e-commerce in the modern economy); and a host of other factors.

Your organization may be affected by some of these common pain points, and probably also has a few that are specific to your industry niche, or even only to your individual business. Identifying and addressing the key pain points affecting your business is vital – but what about the pain points that exist, but you don’t know about? It’s impossible to address problems you are unaware of. As the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Finding these unknown, or non-quantified, pain points requires a lot of digging – into your numbers, business processes, customer and supplier relationships, management priorities and attention, etc. The key here is knowing where and how do dig. When you are focused on running the operation, it can be hard to have the time and perspective to look for these hidden pain points.

Our SCM experts bring a fresh, outsider perspective that is coupled with experience and expertise that will help you to:

  • Identify those sneaky, not-so-obvious pain points,
  • Develop solutions and identify tools to fight them with, and
  • Implement actions and processes to wipe them out.

This makes your operation more efficient, cost-effective, competitive, and a lot less stressful to manage.

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